Artwork Specs

Artwork Specs

WHAT IS ARTWORK? – Artwork is a term used to define ANY type of design that you want us to print. Whether the design is just text, a company logo, a sketch on a piece of paper, etc. It’s all called “Artwork”.

Before we create the films and screens for your screen printed order, or the digitized files for your embroidery order, we need to put your design into our computers.

You can send us the artwork file that you have on your computer via email. Below is a list of file formats that we accept as well as some guidelines to make sure you’re sending the highest quality file possible to produce the best quality print or embroidery.


EMAIL: Most artwork files can be sent via email to

WEB UPLOAD: Large files can also be uploaded and sent free from This will send your file securely to our email address.



• Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier (.AI, EPS)
• CorelDraw Version 10 or earlier (.CDR)
• Adobe Acrobat (.PDF)
• Other vector formats may be acceptable. Please contact us to confirm the format.

• IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure all text is converted to paths, curves, or outlines, or that all font files used in creating the artwork are also supplied. Please make sure all placed raster images are embedded in the vector file or are included with the vector file when you send it to us.


• Adobe Photoshop CS2 or earlier (.TIF, .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, .PSD, .EPS, .PNG)
• Keep in layers if at all possible.
• Other raster formats may be acceptable. Please contact us to confirm the format.

• IMPORTANT NOTE: All raster/bitmap artwork should be 300 DPI at the size you want it printed. Graphics pulled from the web at screen resolution (72 DPI) do not work for high quality printing.


Prestige Apparel’s art department can work with you to customize your image or logo. Please call with your details for a free quote.


• Artwork sent that requires additional time to get print or embroidery ready may be subject to additional fees. Prestige Apparel will contact you if the fees apply.

• Prestige Apparel will always send you a proof of the finished design to approve before your order is processed.

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